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Monday, 27 July 2015

Catherine's Tenuous Links...

This post began on the back of a colouring book and it struck me as quite symbolic that it should start out as such.

The back of the colouring book is a blank space. A space to dump marks which have no place anywhere else. For me; it was a train journey, an inspiration to write and no where to write it.

Writing over the dark-inked outline of a clown would upset me, lines criss-crossing each other; it doesn't bare thinking about. Before you say it, I know I have issues but that's for another day.

As I began to write my first post about travelling by train (to follow), I began to see an ethereal link between the back of my colouring book and me.

This binding, the hard exterior is designed to keep the pages in place. To protect. It's what I, as a parent, am trying to do every day. Trying out new things, new ways of doing our routine, new ways of getting to places without all the pages spilling out onto the pavement in some stressful display of anarchy. It can be exhausting trying to hold everything together.

The idea of 'Can Kids Go?' is to provide you with information for you to make the best of your days with your children. To take away some of the stressful unknowns and to allow for the best types of unknowns to be realised.

Thanks for reading.