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About this Blog

We are mums.

That is quite simply it and that alone explains who we are and what our priorities are in just three words.
We both remember that day when we were too terrified to walk out of the door with our brand new baby. As modern day parents, the first thing we did was jump online to see where we could go locally that would have everything we needed to make a trip with a baby easy. But we just couldn't find this information.

We want to be informed before we venture out of the door. We want to go to clean places where we can change our children's nappies. We want to visit nice cafes or restaurants where we don't feel uncomfortable breastfeeding or, indeed, bottle-feeding our babies. We want to know, before we walk into a restaurant, find a table and settle down, that they have a good/healthy Children's Menu, that the high chairs are safe etc. 

We want to know ... CAN KIDS GO?

And so 'Can Kids Go?' the website was born. 'Conceived' is probably more accurate as it's still in the birthing stage...
We are developing a review website which parents, grandparents and guardians can use to find places which are appropriate to visit with their children. Places that have been reviewed by other parents (not just us), places where they can see what family friendly facilities are available. 

But this is not that website... this is our little space to write about all things baby/children travel related. From travel tips to travel tantrums, from travel catastrophes to travel conundrums: like what do you do when you are 8 months pregnant and traveling on your own with a toddler, bursting for a wee and there is no adult toilet in the changing room!

So, in the words of A.A Milne..

"Perhaps the best thing to do is to stop writing Introductions and get on with the book..."

We hope you enjoy,

Catherine and Amanda xx

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